Reliable Precision Gears Manufacturer since 1955. We are not just building Gears. We are building trust.

Our Products

Spur Gears Manufacturers Rupkala Engineers
Helical Gears Manufacturers Rupkala Engineers
Pinion Gear Manufacturers Rupkala Engineers

Spur Gears

At Rupkala, We manufacture Ground Spur Gears upto Diamater 950mm having Face width upto 1000mm with Quality Class 6 as per DIN-3962.

Helical Gears

We manufacture Ground Helical Gears upto Diameter 950mm, Face Width upto 1000mm, Helix Angle +/-45 with Quality Class 6 as per DIN-3962.

Pinion Gears

At Rupkala, We manufacture Ground Pinion Gears having higher Helix Angle upto -45/+60 Degree with Quality Class 6 as per DIN-3962.

Infrastructure Overview

Why us?

Highest Accuracy

Our world-class machinery enables us to manufacture high quality custom products as per requirement.


Customers trust us as a complete source for any quantity of gears at competitive prices.


Commitment to treat every job as a special order with precise specifications and stringent deadlines.

Knowledgeable Staff

Knowledgeable staff can offer technical input and follow-up throughout the manufacturing process.

50 Years Experience

Our vast experience of manufacturing gears has led us to gaining total control over production.

Great Support

Our willingness to support technically as well as commercially makes it easy to do business.

Top Industries We Serve

We manufacture Precision Gears for following industries

Cement Industry


Oil and Gas Gear Manufacturer Rupkala Engineers

Oil & Gas

Power Industry


Steel Industry


Textile Industry


Material and Handling

Cement Industry

Mining & Earth Moving

Pumps & Compressors

Rubber & Plastic


Our Clientele

Bonfiglioli Client of Rupkala Engineers
Premium Transmission Client of Rupkala Engineers
Elecon Engineering Client of Rupkala Engineers
Everest Blowers Pvt Ltd Client of Rupkala Engineers